Erotic Hypnosis

Randi Wright's subliminal clinic
Foot Fetish , Shoe Worship, Cuckolds, Financial Domination and other fetishes

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Blackmail Contracts

Consensual blackmail is ideal for a submissive that craves an experience as close to total destruction as possible

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Humiliation Assignments

Goddess Randi gives you loser tasks you are compelled to complete

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Erotic Hypnosis

This is what you are here for. A way to remove what holds you back from total pleasure. The key to it is to always say YES.

Blackmail Fetish

Consensual blackmail is the best way to be totally destroyed by me. Nothing will feel as awesome as this type of domination.

Humiliation Fetish

Bwahahaha, I love to humiliate my pathetic losers all the time. You will feel the full shame factor, public or private.

Subliminal Videos

This is an Erotic Hypnosis Video

I use premium brainwashing techniques
I pack my subliminal hypnosis videos with the most intense brainwashing methods there are. You will love the results. If you are looking for a way to enjoy complete dedication to a goddess, then you will enjoy these premium videos.

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Sexy Clothing Store


Become my sissy faggot
Weather you need to be feminized and become a good little girl or you need to be utterly humiliated completing one of my degrading Humiliation Tasks, you will need to purchase the required attire from MY online store! I want a cam session of you in your costume or silky panties.

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Financial Domination


Consensual Blackmail Contracts
If you love Financial Domination or just chastity and cuckold training, you will love how I abuse you with a contract. You will live in constant fear of my call or text messages. You deserve it. This is as close as you will come to the total destruction you need.

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