Erotic Hypnosis

I am your erotic hypnosis Goddess Randi. My real-life slave has decided that it doesn’t want to serve My boyfriend. He only wants to serve ME- not My boyfriend. Well, I will have none of this! It is a SLAVE, and as such, it needs to do WHATEVER the fuck I TELL it to do! And that INCLUDES washing My fucking boyfriend’s car if I fucking TELL it to!

Hypnosis Cuckold So I grab it by it’s leash, pull it up to Me, stare it in the eyes, and simply explain this FACT to it. Then I take off My high heel shoe and the slave’s leash and attach My shoe to the end of the it’s chain. I essentially turn the two of the things that control the slave – My shoes & its chain – into an EXTREMELY powerful mind-control device.

I then start swinging the shoes back & forth, band & forth in front of the simpleton’s eyes…and begin to use My powers of hypnosis. Pretty soon the fucking loser is under My spell. I then REPROGRAM him to be even MORE submissive to Me. I even command it subliminally to LIKE being cuckolded and serving My boyfriend! HAHAHA!!!!

When it wakes up, it is BEGGING Me to serve My boyfriend!! It is fucking HILARIOUS listening to this loser now BEGGING for the very thing it once HATED! LOL. I love having this much POWER… :) So then I proceed to tell it what it will be doing for Me AND My hot boyfriend from now on…

CLICK HERE for the video.

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